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Wifi Wanderers Simone Kay is a Branding and Social Media Strategist

Meet Simone Kay
Founder of Wifi Wanderers

Learn How to become a Wifi Wanderer and take your business anywhere in the world.
Elevate your business through the power of Social Media.

Simone Kay is and Author and Social Media Strategist.
Her teaching abilities are both Motivational and inspirational.
When you have the strategy, you have the intel
to create captivating, clear and concise content
that leads your ideal clients to your business.

Whether you are a Mother working from home
or an acclaimed business person looking to move your business up to the next level,
Simone can show you how to achieve the freedom lifestyle business you always desired.


Cool Tools

Which make my life easier as a Wifi Wanderer Working From Anywhere


My preferred choice of website builder and host.


The favourite Email Marketing Service.

Scan My Post

Forwarding Address for all mail.


My go-to Graphic design tool


Online Quiz Creator


Social Media Instagram Scheduling Platform.

G Mail

Email Platform along with useful apps

Google Drive

My favoured choice of File storage "Cloud"


My number one absolute must have.


Glued to my side.

Nikon DSLR

For high quality images.


Motorhome Wifi Unit- when I am touring in R.V. van.

Solar PowerBank Phone Charger

Would not be without mine

Clarity Call

Wifi Wanderers Clarity Call

Find your Niche Clarity Call (30 mins)

  • Allow me to motivate you into action and ignite those ideas.

Business Strategy Clarity Call (60 mins)

  • Lets play strategy and turn your business into a success.


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